LifeChanges Seminars And Workshops


We offer a variety of workshops which address a range of topics including:

  • LifeChanges (see below)

  • Stress Management

  • Weight Loss

  • Reach your Peak Performance - for sport, art or any of life's challenges

During the seminar, you will receive a Guidebook covering the basic theory plus a description of the techniques demonstrated and used, during the workshop. Where appropriate, each attendee will also receive a hypnosis CD, to support their lifestyle change process.  

The LifeChanges workshops are designed to teach and coach you in the use of some of the key LifeChanges techniques, to bring about positive change. Because the emphasis is on practical demonstration and coaching, theory is kept to a minimum.

Seminars/workshops vary in content and duration. We offer standard one day general workshops plus speciality workshops covering specific topics as described in the above list, for example.



A new series of workshops are being planned. However, you can also request a specific workshop, provided you have sufficient numbers. Please contact Tom if you are interested in attending or receiving an updated schedule for each of the workshops or if you wish to request a specific workshop.


All seminars include a brief introduction to the structure of the mind and how its responses to negative and positive stimuli can bring about changes in personality and behaviour In other words, you will learn what makes you the way you are and how you can bring about change!


For most seminars/workshops, as the emphasis is on practical demonstration and coaching, theory is kept to a minimum.


You will be encouraged to participate fully in the demonstrations and coaching sessions to focus on your specific needs for change in your lifestyle. You will benefit from group discussion on the use and impact of the various techniques. However, if you do not wish to discuss your problems publicly, your requirement for privacy will be respected. The power of the techniques will work just the same.


  Some of the key topics covered during a typical  'LifeChanges' seminar/workshop include

  • The basis of personality and behaviour
  • The process of learning and 'unlearning' to bring about change 
  • Developing your future outcomes and goals for change
  • Eliminating negative emotions including stress, anger, anxiety, habits and phobias
  • The concept of time-lines and using them to create a better future
  • Improving confidence and self esteem
  • Performance improvement and motivation
  • The Mind/Body connection and addressing physical problems and diseases
  • Self Hypnosis

Please note that content can vary from seminar to seminar.



If you feel that your enjoyment of life or work is being affected by negative emotions and limiting behaviours resulting in stress, anxiety, fear and phobias, low self esteem over- eating and lack of confidence, for example, you will probably benefit.


The workshop will also benefit those who want to achieve their full potential at work, sport or other lifestyle activities, through improved performance and motivation.  

In fact anyone who wants to develop that 'feel-good' factor will find the seminars  beneficial .


The workshops can be tailored to suit Organisations who have more specific requirements in the areas of stress management, team-building and performance and motivation, for example. Please refer to the Corporate page for more details.



(Because we respect client confidentiality, names or initials have not been included against each comment. However comments can be verified).

* Before I came I was unsure of any benefits that I would gain I was pleasantly surprised

* I now feel that I can make changes and achieve my goals

* Very good techniques and very well explained

* It was much more comprehensive than I thought it would be

* Everything was planned to perfection

* I felt this was very enjoyable and provided me with skills to use for life

* It helped to know that others have problems too and we can support/help each other


For more information, contact Tom:

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